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1 in 10 ATV Injuries Admitted to ER Require Hospital Stays

Summer months bring summer fun: biking, surfing, ATVs, and more. To prepare for the summer months ahead, my team analyzed data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine the most dangerous and safest recreational activities. For this study, we analyzed ER injuries from recreational motorized and non-motorized vehicles– here’s what we learned:

• Summer months bring the largest amount of visitors to the ER for rec vehicle-related injuries; July alone had 25,025 motorized injuries and 80,875 non-motorized injuries

• Minibikes and water tubing are the top recreational activities resulting in hospitalization for millennials; Mopeds are the top for baby boomers and generation x

• ATVs are the most dangerous motorized recreational vehicles, resulting in 104,961 ER visits in one year alone; internal head injuries are the most common ATV injury

With July producing the highest amount of ATV, moped, surfing, and water tubing injuries, your readers should take extra measures this summer to ensure their safety! If interested, please feel free to use our study! We just ask that you cite ‘Farah & Farah’ as the source and include the link to our study in your coverage.

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