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13 Mena Choir students earn all region honors

Thirty-eight Mena High School Choir students auditioned for positions in the Region 3 All Region Honors Choir on Saturday, October 13.  The auditions were held at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs.  Over 1,000 high school students from schools of all sizes vied for membership in the prestigious honors choir.

The Mena students had an excellent day with 13 students earning all region honors.  Those students are:  Hope Egger, Alto II, Chair 11, SATB Choir; Fisher Neufeld, Bass II, Chair 12, SATB Choir; Nalu Pruitt, Alto II, Chair 21; SSAA Choir; April Burt, Soprano I, Chair 23, SSAA Choir; Brithney Dilbert, Alto II, Chair 34, SSAA Choir; Devon Davis, Tenor II, Chair 38, TTBB Choir; Olivia Betz, Alto II, Chair 42, SSAA Choir; Jack Hunter, Bass II, Chair 42, TTBB Choir; Christina Gragg, Soprano II, Chair 49, SSAA Choir; Ali Ogden, Soprano I, Chair 52, SSAA Choir; Brooklyn Beck, Soprano I, Chair 54, SSAA Choir; Mackenzie McAllister, Alto I, Chair 55, SSAA Choir; Hannah McDonald, Alto I, Chair 56, SSAA Choir.


Hope Egger and Fisher Neufeld qualified to audition for the Arkansas All State Choir in February.  Nalu Pruitt is first alternate and April Burt is third alternate for all state qualification.  Julia Martinez is first alternate for membership in the all region choir.  Ferroll “Tammy” Taylor is the director of choirs at Mena High School.

Students pictured are:  standing, from left to right: Brithney Dilbert, Devon Davis, Julia Martinez, Olivia Betz, Fisher Neufeld, Jack Hunter, and Hope Egger. Seated, from left to right:  April Burt, Brooklyn Beck, Nalu Pruitt, Christina Gragg, Ali Ogden, and Mackenzie McAllister.  Not pictured is Hannah McDonald.

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