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The Ouachita Quilt Show Committee stated that this year’s Quilt Show was a success and appreciates everyone who participated.

Organizers are pleased to announce the winners in the following categories:

DONATION QUILT WINNER:  Jeri Pearson, Mena, Ar.

BEST OF SHOW:  Marcia Norris, “I Solemnly Swear I’m up to no good!”

PEOPLES’ CHOICE:  Francis Smith  “Heritage Medallion”


CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Gerry Bailey, “Baby Quilt”

CIRCUIT JUDGE:  Billy Shepard, “State Birds & Flowers”

CITY CLERK:  Debra Lay,  “Retro Daisies”

COUNTY JUDGE:  Mary-Sheba Graves,  “Liberty Quilt”

COUNTY SHERIFF:  Francis Smith, “Heritage Medallion”

CHIEF OF POLICE:  Susan Wilcher, “Christmas Folk Art”

MAYOR OF MENA:  Nancy Philpot, “Christmas Snowflake”

MAYOR OF COVE:  Mary Sheba Graves, “Autumn in Arkansas”

PROSECUTING ATTORNEY:  Susan Carter  “Beautiful Cats, Pins & Paws”

COUNTY CLERK:  Sharon Judkins,  “Lazy Sunday”

MENA STAR:  Linda Prestage, “The Peacock”

THE PULSE:  Mary Sheba Graves, “Blue & Green Crosstitch”

KENA:  Francis Hilton,  “Rainbow Connection”

ART GALLERY:  Carol Carlyle,  “Funky Chickens”

RMCC:  Debra Lay,  “Grandmothers Garden Rescue”

MENA SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS:  Bernice Philpot, “Levi’s School Quilt”

A & P COMMISSION:  Debra Lay, “Feels Like Spring”

VENDORS CHOICE:  Mary Ida Pearce, “Women of the Bible”


JUDGES OF SHOW:  #1  Alice Skumautz,  “Fun Flowers”

#2  Susan Carter, “The Splendid Sampler”

NIMBLE THIMBLE QUILT GUILD:  Susan Carter, “Barns Across America”


HAND PIECED/HAND QUILTED:  1st, Wanda Cogburn,  “Purple Cabins”

MACHINE PIECED/HAND QUILTED:  1st, Jon Anna Calleton,  “Hanging Garden’s”

MACHINE PIECED/DOMESTIC HOME MACHINE QUILTED:  1st, Molly Lindsey, “Eleanor Burns Pioneer Sampler”, 2nd, Francis Hilton, “Rainbow Collection”, 3rd, Shirley Baker, “Star Quilt”

MACHINE PIECED/LONGARM ALL OVER QUILTED:  1st, Nancy Philpot, “Christmas Snowflake”, 2nd, Sharon Judkins, “Celtic Solstice”, 3rd, Sharon Judkins, “Tell It To The Stars”

MACHINE PIECED/LONGARM CUSTOM QUILTED:  1st, Peggy Shelley, “Hanging Cabins”, 2nd Sue Ellen Patrick, “Stars of my Favorite States”, 3rd, Francis Hilton, “Christmas Log Cabin”

MACHINE PIECED/LONGARM COMPUTERIZED:  1st, Rebecca Romine, “Mosaic Squares”

COMBINED TECHNIQUES/HAND QUILTED: 1st, Debra Lay, “Grandmothers Garden Rescue”, 2nd Debra Lay,  “Feels Like Spring”

COMBINED TECHNIQUES/MACHINE QUILTED:  1st, Susan Carter, “The Splendid Sampler”, 2nd, Debra Lay, “Mystery Grannie Quilt”

HAND APPLIQUE/MACHINE QUILTED: 1ST, Francis Smith, “Heritage Medallion”, 2nd, Susan Wilcher, “Christmas Folk Art”, 3rd Carol Carlyle, “Funky Chickens”

WALL HANGING/HAND QUILTED:  2nd, Sharon Chambers, “Umbrellas”

WALL HANGING/MACHINE QUILTED: 1st, Ann Ferris, “Summer Day Sampler”, 2nd, Kathryn Stucker, “Great Grandmothers Flower Garden”, 3rd, Ann Ferris, “Teach Me To Bloom Where I Am Planted”

LAP QUILT/HAND QUILTED: 1st, Rebecca Romine, “Walk In the Park”, 2nd Rebecca Romine, “Aiden’s Quilt,

3rd, Susan Carter, “Cozy Christmas”

MINIATURE:  1st, Carol Timberlake, “Memories”

BABY QUILT:  1st Debra Lay, “Baby Circus, Matching Tote”, 2nd, Debra Lay, “Hexy Baby”, 3rd, Carol Timberlake, “For the Love of Lori Ann”

ORIGINAL DESIGN:  1st, Anne Dahm, “Sample by Group”, 2nd, Linda Prestage, “The Peacock”, 3rd, Kathryn Stucker, “Starry Night”

FIRST QUILT:  1st, Sheila Hannaman, “Kaleidoscope Pinwheel”, 2nd, Ann Garrett, “Stack n Whack”

HOME DÉCOR:  1ST, Alice Skumautz, “Fun Flowers”, 2nd, Sheila Hannaman, “Quilted Ottoman”, 3rd, Alice Skumautz, “Asian Lilies”

OTHER: 1st, Judy Myers, “Patchwork Purse”, 2nd, Erica May, “Tote bag”

ART QUILTS/EMBELLISHMENTS:  1st, Marcia Norris, “I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to no Good”, 2nd , Judy McClara, “Girls Party”, 3rd, Debra Lay, “ Connect the Dots”

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