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2019 Polk County Spelling Bee Winners

The 2019 Polk County Spelling Bee was held on Tuesday January 22nd, in the Ouachita Center on the campus of University of Arkansas Rich Mountain. Winners of the bee are as follows.

1st Grade
1st Place – Channing Wimbery – Louise Durham
2nd Place – Adelyn Barton- Vandervoort Elementary
3rd Place – Lexi Haggard – Acorn Elementary

2nd Grade
1st Place – Drew Mabry – Acorn Elementary
2nd Place – Jacob Smith – Louise Durham
3rd Place – Gracelee Burk – Vandervoort Elementary

3rd Grade
1st Place – Shooter Davis – Holly Harshman
2nd Place – Grace Freitag – Acorn Elementary
3rd Place – Alec Erickson – Holly Harshman

4th Grade
1st Place – Clint Hennings – Wickes Elementary
2nd Place – Ryan Jiang – Holly Harshman
3rd Place – Shooter Davis – Holly Harshman5th Grade
1st Place – Brandon Doug – Holly Harshman
2nd Place – William Gorsuch – Holly Harshman
3rd Place – Garrett Hennings – Wickes Elementary

6th Grade
1st Place – Elijah Smith – Vandervoort Elementary
2nd Place – Brandon Doug – Holly Harshman
3rd Place – Riley Dunn – Vandervoort Elementary

7th Grade
1st Place – Holiday Neufeld – Acorn High School
2nd Place – Shantel Tecson – Mena Middle School
3rd Place – Aylin Ortega – Cossatot River High School

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