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4H Mystery Investigation

Everybody loves a mystery. Kindergarten thru 6th grade students at Oden Elementary recently became detectives in a case called “Who borrowed Mr. Bear?” Combining mystery and investigation in an engaging way makes for great hands-on learning. That’s what 4-H is known for,” remarked Tammy McAdoo, Montgomery County 4-H Program Assistant. The students conducted forensic science tests on evidence found at a “crime scene.” The mystery layered complexity to provide positive science exposure to all grade levels. The mystery culminated in a reveal party with all students examining lab results, a suspect chart and voting on possible solutions to the mystery. “You could see the gears turning as student-sleuths struggled to sort through the evidence. Critical thinking skills were brought together with real-life application science. It was a joy to watch!” added McAdoo.

The Extension Service has partnered with Science Specialist, Kathy Rusert, to bring the In-School 4-H program to Oden. Montgomery County was one of twelve counties selected from around the state to pilot In-School 4-H. 4-H and science have proven to be a great fit! All three school districts have benefitted from In-School 4-H grant money. The money has provided needed funds to continue the 4th grade school garden project. The Extension Service hopes to continue and expand this type of programming in all three school districts.


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