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A Cup of Coffee Today… Skills for Tomorrow

Mrs. Lyle’s Financial Literacy class eagerly awaited the equipment and supplies for their mobile coffee cart. The mobile coffee cart is an idea that Mrs. Lyle’s 9th-12th grade students developed last year during Food Production class. The equipment and supplies bought through this project are to be used to deliver various types of cold and hot coffee to teachers and students. They will also use the mobile cart to deliver across campus.  Students in FACS, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Experience will take part in running the coffee cart on campus in order to give them skills they can use after high school.

Last year the class brainstormed ways to start a business- the idea of a mobile coffee cart came into fruition. As soon as this semester started, they began asking questions about moving forward with the coffee cart.  Mrs. Lyle pursued a donations-based page for public school teachers to help meet their educational project needs.  Here, she stated that her students are always excited when they get to experience something new as they live in a rural area of the state.  For a short period of time, Economics Arkansas tripled all donations to her project!  Mrs. Lyle’s donations began to come and recently the project goal was met.  Supplies and equipment were then purchased.

Mrs. Lyle’s class was all smiles last week while unwrapping the new equipment. Students are now breaking down the cost to determine how much they need to charge per cup. They will go through the process of keeping financial records, taking inventory, and placing future supply orders. They will learn customer service by creating an online order form to gather orders, taking payment, making change, and delivering each cup of coffee personally with a smile. Safe and sanitary food handling practices will also be covered.  The success and unlimited potential of this project is well anticipated. Each participant will acquire vital skills for use in their future employment endeavors.

Mrs. Lyle and her students are so thankful for those who helped make this Donors Choose project a reality!

Photo courtesy ORSD 

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