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A Few Thoughts On People…


There are generally a couple types of people who come into your life – those who enter as blessings, and those who enter as lessons. I have found that, some times, they can be one in the same. Generally we call them friends, but that’s not always the case. Your only real friends are the ones who have been inside you and looked around, and still want to have lunch with you. All the rest either don’t care enough to go inside, or you have deliberately kept the doors closed for one reason or another. Whether people like you, or don’t like you, isn’t really that important. You’re not here to win a popularity contest. You’re goal (and you should try to never lose sight of it) is to be the best human being you can.

If you find people who inspire you, who expand your parameters, and make you laugh, seek them out. If people annoy or threaten your continuity in life, cancel your subscription to their issues. Just tell them, “excuse me, here’s your nose – I found it in my business.” But don’t forget that, simply because someone challenges your perceptions, doesn’t always make them bad or wrong. (See the paragraph above about blessings and lessons).

Some of us will find that family is the nexus of life. Some of us will discover that “family” is relative, and has a broader description, and sometimes supersedes those who were sprung from the loins of kin.

Women – Always stand up for what you are and what you believe in – never let anyone call you a feminist simply because you express an opinion that differentiates you from a doormat. Never forget that in any real relationship, need, and passion, and honesty, must always be mutual.

Men – never let your ego supersede your intelligence, and never explain your worth to people – let them discover it.

Parents: If those around you only treat you nicely when they want something, they’re probably related to you…

I’ve discovered that I like eccentrics – I like people who keep life interesting. Eccentrics offer us insight and perspective, and remind us that life is only boring if you allow it be. They’re rarely concerned about the opinion of others.

I’ve discovered there are a lot of “I people” and “one-uppers” in this world. These can be distinguished by simply beginning to say something about yourself in their presence. They immediately have to describe a similar situation, in which they excelled more or were found more entertaining, or more… Another thing about “one-uppers” – take care that you’re not one…

Remember; you weren’t put on this earth to entertain anyone, and you teach people how to treat you by the parameters you accept. And in the end, you only have one person to answer to.

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