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AAA Investigates High School Football Fight

The Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) is investigating a large fight that happened during a game last Friday night between Fouke and Glen Rose High Schools. An online video shows players shoving one another and punches being thrown. Some fans run onto the field of play and begin fighting with players and others caught up in the melee. At one point a man in street clothes runs towards a Glen Rose player and blind sides him from behind.

The AAA is reviewing video and has taken statements from people, but they aren’t the only ones investigating. The Miller County Sheriff’s Department has opened a criminal investigation into the matter. News reports state local law enforcement was also contacted by the parent of a Glen Rose student which was allegedly assaulted during the fight.

Fouke School District has also allegedly banned several students and members of the public from ever attending any future athletic events.

In a statement, the Glen Rose School District said it is investigating “the events that led up to the initial incident and events that occurred after.” Glen Rose decisively won the game 41-0. Fouke High School has notified the Arkansas Activities Association that they have forfeited Friday night’s game against Prescott due to a lack of available players.

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