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Accident Brings Disaster To Local Family


The Pulse recently did an article on Mena’s Kim Williams – the “roller-skating waitress” at The Skyline Café. The article was extremely popular and it made Williams somewhat of a star in the area for a short time, and she has enjoyed the notoriety. But recently, on February 21, disaster struck Williams’ family when her husband, Lynn Williams, was seriously injured in an automobile accident in the Potter/Shadow Mountain area, while returning home after dropping his wife off for work.

Lynn Williams will survive, but he suffered multiple injuries, including broken bones in his hip, legs, hands, and ribcage.

Like any number of families dealing with today’s difficult economy and the nation’s confusing national insurance program, the Williams family was unprepared financially for this calamity, and they face mounting medical bills as well as a difficult and prolonged recovery.

For those of you who know Kim personally, and those of you who have enjoyed her humor and her fine service at the Skyline Café, now is an excellent time to count your own blessings and offer a little help to the Williams family. You can stop by the café and drop off a donation, or you can go to the internet “” website and make donations to the Williams family there.

“We really appreciate all the help and the prayers,” said Kim. “I’m very grateful to this wonderful community, and I’m reminded once again why we live in Polk County.”



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