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Calee Puckett, Kirsten Belcher, and Chance Hughes study abstract art at Crystal Bridges and compare it to their own abstract artwork.

Acorn 3rd Graders Learn Science and Art at Crystal Bridges

On December 11, Acorn Elementary third graders boarded a charter bus from Little Rock Tours and travelled to Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, to learn about science and art.

Third grader Chance Hughes stands in front of one of Stuart Davis’s In Full Swing artwork.

Upon arrival on this warm December day, the group walked the Nature Trail across rock bridges over natural “crystal” clear springs.  They also walked the Art Trail to experience the many outdoor sculptures.

“Science and Art” is a program presented for students at the museum. According to the Crystal Bridges website, “Throughout history, artists and scientists have shared a passion for discovery and innovation. Students on this tour will practice scientific thinking to develop connections between science and visual art. Through discussions of the subject matter of works of art, as well as artists’ materials and processes, students will gain understanding of the visual effects we see in painting and sculpture and how they were achieved.”

Prior to the field trip, the third graders experienced cubism and impressionism art during their science lab classes and used these techniques to create a piece of artwork.  This also helped them to understand the special exhibit at Crystal Bridges, Stuart Davis In Full Swing and other abstract artwork.

Funding for this trip supporting Arkansas Science Standards was provided through a grant from Willard and Pat Walker Foundation.  Chaperones were science teacher Kathy Rusert; third grade teachers, Lisa Pearson and Kendra Myers; Michelle McGee, Tina Kesterson, and Samantha Holland.

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