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Acorn Elementary Announces October Students of the Month

Ouachita River School District has announced their October Students of the Month from Acorn Elementary School.  Students chosen have displayed excellent citizenship, exceptional academic effort/improvement, and good attendance. Simple Simon’s Pizza, Goss Electronics, and Laark Enterprises provided lunch and games.

Pictured are: Front Row: Troy Huff, Kindergarten, son of William Huff; Kasen Strother, 1st grade, son of Dakota and Kala Strother; Lexi Haggard, Kindergarten, daughter of John and Kristin Haggard.

Middle Row: Hunter Perez, 2nd grade, son of Cynthia Perez; Peyton Ollar, 1st grade, grandson of Marietta Ollar; Addi Ledbetter, 2nd grade, daughter of Chris and Kylynn Ledbetter; Taylor Watts, 4th grade, granddaughter of Ken and Kathy Davis;

Grace Freitag, 2nd grade, daughter of Scott and Darcy Davis; Blake Moore, 3rd grade, son of Nathan and Brittney Moore.

Back row: Amy May, 5th grade, daughter of Brian and Nancy May; Melanie Pittman, 5th grade, daughter of Charles and Neva Pittman; Holiday Neufeld, 6th grade, daughter of Jeff and Jerusha Neufeld; Cami Eaton 4th grade, daughter of Staci Smith and Cory Eaton; Randy Dill, 6th grade, son of Randy and Jill Dill; Hunter Sanchez, 3rd grade, son of Michael and Cassandra Sanchez.

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