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The following awards were presented to students at the Academic Awards Banquet on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.


TEACHER:         STUDENT:                    AWARD:


Mr. Barr:                     Stran Strother                         Quantitative Literacy

Zane Barr                                Physics

Sarah Wallace                         Algebra I

Kaelin Harding                       Math 7

Gage Mortimer                        Pre-Algebra 8th


Ms. Haggard:              Chassie Wornick                     Computer Business Applications                                                                                 Zane Barr                                Digital Communications

Kiersten Larucci                     Career Development

Raeghan Weddle                    Career Development

Brookelyn Goss                      Intro to Business Communications

Rachael Miller                         Intro to Business Communications

Elizabeth Hachtel                   CS Programming I

Zane Barr                                CS Programming II

Zane Barr                                CS Programming III


Mr. Hawkins:              Jayden Willborg                      Science 7

Kiersten Larucci                     Science 8

Halli Holland                          Physical Science

Chassie Wornick                     Environmental Science

Ms. Jackson:                Kim Strasner                           9th Grade FACS

Makenna Goss                        Food Production

Bridgette Magness                  Food Safety & Nutrition

Jayden Willborg                      Family CSI

Kierston Larucci                     Exploring Personal Finance

Raeghan Weddle                    Exploring Personal Finance

Ashley Sides                           Career Ready 101

Ashley Sides                           Financial Literacy


Mr. Ledbetter:             Adam McDaniel                     Driver Education

Jeb Willborg                           Driver Education

Emmy Goss                            Health

Halli Holland                          Health

Corryn Holland                       Health

Madison Blair                         Health 


TEACHER:             STUDENT:                   AWARD:

Ms. McGee:               Kacey Head                            Pre-AP Biology

Makayla Anderson                  Chemistry

Justin Richmond                     Pre-AP Biology

Kacey Head                            Spanish I

Makenna Goss                        Spanish I

Tessa Kesterson                      Spanish II

Rachel Murr                            Spanish II

Kaelin Harding                       Science 7


Ms. Neufeld                Jayden Willborg                      English 7

Sunshine Butterfield               English 8

Halli Holland                          English 9

Jordan Hannaman                   English 12


Ms. Padilla:                 Haley Sandoval                       Geometry

Brady Lyle                              Algebra II

Josey Webb                             College Algebra

Makayla Anderson                  Pre-Calculus

Raeghan Weddle                     Algebra I

Justin Richmond                     Geometry

Kayla Curry                            Math 8


Ms. Singleton           Makenna Goss                        Pre-AP English 10

Mercedes Mowdy                   Pre-AP English 10

Jeb Willborg                           English 11

Makayla Anderson                  AP Language/Comp I

Raeghan Weddle                    English 8

Elizabeth Hachtel                   English Composition II

Makenzie Goss                       College Speech

Samuel Bloodworth                High School Speech


Mr. Spradlin             Mekinzie Kyle                        AP U.S. History

Tyler Smedley                        Civics

Sarah Wallace                         Economics

Kaelin Harding                       Geography 7

Raeghan Weddle                     Pre-AP U.S. History

Michael Laing                         Arkansas History 7


Ms. Strothers:              Ashley Sides                           Art I & II

Mr. Willsey:                Mindy Hibbs                           Pre-AP World History

Kacey Head                            Pre-AP World History

Ashley Sides                           U.S. History








To be selected for the All-Academic Award a student must have qualified for each honor roll during the school year. The following students have qualified: 


7th Grade:

Brookelyn Goss

Charish Hill

Michael Laing

Raylin Lane

Reed McGee

Rachael Miller

Lori Richardson

Rachael Weddle

Jayden Willborg


8th Grade:

Kiersten Larucci

Jacob Lyle

Abby Nance

Justice Neufeld

Raeghan Weddle


9th Grade:

Emmy Goss

Corryn Holland

Halli Holland

Jaden Miller

Harlee Rodgers

Kimberly Strasner

Autumn Strother


10th Grade:

Makenna Goss

Kacey Head

Brady Lyle

Matthew Nance

Justice Richmond

Haley Sandoval


11th Grade:

Makayla Anderson

Kendra Branson

Sydney Crawford

Tessa Kesterson

Mekinzie Kyle

Rachel Murr

Haley Richardson


12th Grade:

Zane Barr

Makenzie Goss

Elizabeth Hachtel

Cross Hughes

Josey Webb

Sarah Wallace


President’s Education Awards


The President’s Award for Educational Achievement is given to students in the 8th and 12th grade who meet the following qualifications. Have shown tremendous improvement and growth in their academics; Have a commitment to learning and improving in their academics; Have an excellent school record but do not meet the criterion for the President’s Award for Excellence. The following students were selected:

8th Grade Achievement Awards:

Kayla Curry                Ashton Hicks              Gage Mortimer            Ethan Sutherland

Kaylee Tedder            Riley Weddle              Ayden Wood

12th Grade Achievement Awards:

Brandon Harvey          Faith Hill

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given to students in the 8th grade who meet the following qualifications. Students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 and ACT ASPIRE Test Scores in Math or Literacy of Exceeding. The following students were selected:

8th Grade Excellence Awards:                      

Damian Bohlman        Mason Cunningham    Lexi Dilbeck               Kyla Kimp

Kiersten Larucci          Jacob Lyle                   Abbigail McCarroll     Abby Nance

Justice Neufeld           Josh Tilley                   Raeghan Weddle

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given to students in the 12th grade who meet the following qualifications. Students must maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 and have above average A.C.T. College Entrance Test Results. The following students were selected:

12th Grade Excellence Awards:

Zane Barr                    Makenzie Goss           Elizabeth Hachtel       Bridgette Magness

Josey Webb

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