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Acorn High School Students Receive MOS Certificates

The Microsoft Office Specialist Exam assesses a person’s ability and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite. The Exam covers the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, SharePoint, and OneNote. At Acorn High School the students only test on Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. This test gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of these programs. The students take practice tests before taking the actual MOS test. When they have tried the test, they are given the opportunity to take the MOS exam. If the student scores at least a 700 on the test, then they are certified in that program. Once passed, the certification can be presented on résumés and possibly receive college credit. The students above passed the PowerPoint test for 2013.

Back row:  Ethan Sides, Gracie Hill, Lexi Powell, Cody Abbott, CJ Thacker, and Jack Young. Second Row:  Shianne Johns, Nikole Denley, Makenna Goss, Brickie Sachs, Matthew Chaney, Mercedes Mowdy, and Haley Sandoval. Front row: Rebekah Frost and Chad Sutton.

Matthew Chaney, pictured right, passed the Word test for 2013.

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