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Acorn Hosts Mineral Springs For Homecoming


Acorn hosted the Mineral Springs Hornets for Homecoming Friday, January 20th, at Acorn High School.

The Acorn guys got the night started off, as they took on the Hornets. The Tigers came out shooting the ball well and playing good defense, as they outscored Mineral Springs 18-8 in the first quarter. Both teams shot the ball well in the second quarter, as 37 total points were scored and the Hornets cut Acorns’ lead to nine, to make the score 36-27 in favor of the Acorn Tigers at halftime.

Turner, number three, led Mineral Springs with 20 points at halftime, while Tyler Bates led the Tigers with 15 points.

Mineral Springs started the second half off on a 7-0 run, forcing the Tigers to call a timeout with 5:36 left in the the quarter, with the score 36-34. Following the timeout, the Hornets continued to keep the game close, outscoring Acorn 18-11, to make the score 47-45 in favor of the Tigers going into the final quarter of play. In the fourth quarter, Acorn was able to hold onto their small lead, outscoring the Hornets 18-16, to defeat Mineral Springs by a score of 65-61.

Turner, number three, led the Hornets with 28 points, as Robinson, number twenty-one, added on 11 points, Perkins – 7, Brown – 6, Esters – 4, Williams – 3 and Dixon – 2.

Tyler Bates led the Acorn Tigers with 27 points, while Zak Abbott added on 15 points of his own, Leo Jacinto – 11, Aaron Bissell – 7, Cottrell – 4 and Logan Frost – 1.

The Lady Tigers took on the Mineral Springs Lady Hornets in the final game on Friday night. Both teams started off slow in the first quarter, but Acorn was able to hold a 14-11 lead going into the second. Acorn turned up the heat in the second quarter, outscoring the Lady Hornets 13-4, to take a 27-15 lead at halftime.

Johnson, number five, Newton, number twenty-three and Johnson, number twenty-four, all led the Lady Hornets with 4 points at halftime, while Tori Barrett led the Lady Tigers with 12 points.

Acorn continued to add onto their twelve point lead in the third quarter, as the Lady Tigers outscored Mineral Springs 14-1, to take a 41-16 lead going into the final quarter of play, up by 25. The Lady Tigers didn’t let up in the fourth, as Acorn scored seventeen points to the Lady Hornets’ four points, to make the final score 58-20, as the lady Tigers defeated Mineral Springs by 38 points.

Newton, number twenty-three, led the Mineral Springs Lady Hornets with 6 points, while both Johnson’s added on 4 points and Cherry, Draper and Lewis scored 2 points a piece.

Tori Barrett led the Acorn Lady Tigers with 16 points, as Morgan Fagan added on 14, Faith Hill – 11, Sydney Crawford – 6, Braxlie Strother – 4, Makayla Anderson – 3, and Mekenzie Goss and Harley Dearing 2 each.

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