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Acorn Hosts Southwest Regional Cross Country Meet


Acorn High School hosted the 2016 Tom Stuthard Southwest Regional Cross Country Meet on Wednesday, November 2nd. In the Junior High Boys’ Division, Mena had three runners sweep the top three spots. Logan Myers, Thadeus Nance, and Curtis Curry, came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to claim victory over the pool of competitive runners. Acorn Junior High had several runners place as well. Kacey Head came in 4th; Justice Neufeld, 6th; Adam Hughes, 7th; Darin Bohlman, 8th; Brady Hair, 12th; Jake Lyle, 16th; Caleb Bowers, 20th; Cole Hair 25th; Tyler Lyle, 28th; Jarrette Wilhite, 29th; Trysten Richey, 30th; Matthew Nance 31st; and Donevin Tedder, 32nd. Acorn Jr. Boys won 1st place in team competition.

In Junior High Girls’, Acorn’s Ashlyn Bissell came in 1st; Alyssa Warren, 12th; Lexi Powell, 13th; Raeghan Weddle, 16th; Emily Blair 17th; Corryn Holland, 18th; Hallie Holland, 20th; Allie Strother, 22nd; Gracie Hill, 23rd; Makenna Goss, 25th; Kaylee Tedder, 27th; Abigail Nance, 28th; Amelia Still, 30th; Kiersten Larucci, 36th; Faith Brandon, 37th; Reese Rogers, 38th; Abi Marks, 39th; Autumn Strother, 40th; Ariana Andrews, 41st; Harlee Rodgers, 43rd; and Sarah Wallace, 44th.

Mena’s Junior Girls had Jules Kennedy place 21st; Justina Smith, 45th; and Autumn Hill, 51st.

In the High School Girls 5k competition, Morgan Fagan of Acorn came in 3rd, followed by teammate Faith Hill in 4th; Brittany Wilhite, 6th; Sophie Jackson, 8th; Josey Webb, 9th; Makenzie Goss, 11th; and Harley Dearing, 12th. The Acorn High School girls also took 1st place in team competition.

In High School Boys’, Mena’s Clint Buck placed 3rd; Joe Looney, 14th; Robert McIntyre, 16th; William Shaner, 19th; Dennis Kirsch, 25th; and Curtis Short, 26th. Running for Acorn, Kennyth Denley placed 6th; Matthew Chaney, 9th; Brady Lyle, 10th; Jeff Lewis, 15th; Aaron Baker, 22nd; Chad Sutton, 27th; Brian Kha, 28th; Quam Ha, 29th; and Mason Stout, 32nd.

County Cross Country teams will run this weekend on Saturday, November 12th at the Oaklawn Ractrack in Hot Springs for the 2016 State Cross Country Championships.

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