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L-R: Standing Dakota Sullivan and Emily Curry; Jake Lyle and Reese Rogers; Keelan Brown and Harlee Rodgers; C.J. Thacker and Sophie Jackson; Adam McDaniel and Makayla Anderson; Cameron Stuart and Monica Cottrell

Acorn Schools Announces Harvest Festival Royalty

This is long-standing tradition for Acorn Schools.  Each king and queen for each class are elected by their classmates. They will then compete with other grades to see which class will raise the most money for the overall coveted titles of Elementary King &

L-R: Standing: Braxton Harris and Jozie Daniels; Carson Fairless and Avery Singleton; Dawson Davis and Jillian Wood; Regan Larucci and Katiee Neugent; Levi Neufeld and Delilah Tetro; Matthew Lyle and Hailee Shores; David Oliver and Holiday Neufeld

Queen and High School King & Queen. This money stays with each class. In the elementary division, the money raised will be used to purchase items they use in the classroom.  In high school, they will use the funds to pay for prom when they’re juniors, and anything they need to purchase as a class their senior year.

The public is invited to the annual Harvest Festival which will be held October 13 in the “new” gym. Each class will have games for everyone to enjoy and will add to the overall class total.  The Harvest Festival Royalty will be presented and winners will be announced.

L-R: Standing: Truitt Strother and Vee Mabry; Hunter Pippen and Brelyn Tarkinton; Jeffrey Robertson and KayLin House; Raj Danikar and Breezie Harris;
Noah Medford and Payton White; Garrison Singleton and Abigail Wood

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  1. Those ”kings” need to remove their caps!

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