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Acorn Student Places at National Archery Competition


Thirteen-year old Acorn student, Brody Webb, recently took 4th place in the National Archery Competition held in Louisville, Kentucky amongst the best in the nation. Webb has been shooting bows for just two years and shows to have a promising future in the sport. Webb said he took an interest in archery after watching his sister and the rest of the Acorn Archery Team for a year.

Webb took first place at the Arkansas State Archery shoot in the middle school division, which qualified him for Nationals. The middle school division consists of shooters in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

During Nationals, Webb said that he was aware of how many points he needed to maintain a place in the winners circle and that he was a bit nervous. His nerves didn’t win however, he made it through competition and had to go through a shoot-off and grabbed 4th place.

In his competitions, Webb won a Matthews Compound Bow, a trophy, and plaque and looks forward to making it back to state next year, and on to nationals again after that.

Webb said he practiced every day after school for months before entering the competitions. He also said that others on the Acorn Archery team did well in competition. Acorn Archery is coached by Sean Couch.


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