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Acorn Tigers Fall to Kirby Trojans


The Acorn Tigers took on the Trojans of Kirby, Tuesday night, January 10, 2017, at Acorn High School.

Defense was the key of the first quarter, as Kirby held the Tigers to ten points and Acorn held the Trojans to only 9. However, in the second quarter, both teams picked up their pace a little, as Kirby outscored Acorn 21-14. Making the score 24-30 in favor of the Trojans at halftime. Number two, Smith, led Kirby in scoring at halftime with 12 points, as Tyler Bates led the Tigers with 10 points.

In the third quarter, Kirby continued to shoot the ball well, as number two, Smith, scored 10 of the Trojans 24 total points. The Tigers were held to only 10 points in the third, as Tyler Bates scored 8 of those himself. The Trojans didn’t let up in the fourth, as they outscored Acorn 18-4, to make the final score 72-38.

Smith, number two, led Kirby in scoring with 24 points, as Jones, number 23, added on 15 points, Rudulph and Bailey 7 points, Stewart and Mount 5 points, Cimino 3 points, and Johnson, Garrett and O’Neal all with 2 points.

Tyler Bates led the Tigers with 18 points, while Aaron Bissell added on 10 points, Zak Abbott and Logan Frost 4 points and Warren McPhearson 2 points.

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