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Acorn to Host 7West-1A District Tournament


The Acorn Campus of the Ouachita River School District has been selected as the host school for the 7 West-1A Senior District Basketball Tournament set to begin February 15-20. The school was host to a Regional Tournament in five or six years ago.  The 7West-1A Junior District Basketball Tournament is underway this week at Kirby.

A total of five schools are expected for the tourney: Acorn, Oden, Kirby, Umpire, and Caddo Hills.  A copy of the brackets are available on the Polk County Pulse Facebook page.  All games will be played in what is referred to as the “new” gym at the Acorn Campus.

Ouachita River School District Superintendent Jerry Strasner said the school is looking forward to hosting the tournament and pulling in visitors to the local community.

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