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Acorn’s Star Archers, Blake & Webb, to Compete in South Africa

Acorn Archery made a fantastic showing when they competed with over 13,000 individual archers and 232 teams in the nationwide NASP Archery tournament that was held in Louisville, Kentucky, May 11-13, 2016 and have two members looking to travel to international competition in South Africa this July. The team scored a total of 3314 out of a possible 3600 points, for a ranking of 63rd out of the 232 teams.  Individuals were also ranked according to their specific division and in the overall tournament standings.

Under the direction of Acorn Archery coaches, Cindy Standridge and Mindy Lyle, Brody Webb, son of Duane and Dotsy Webb of Mena, scored a 296 out of 300.  Webb had 26 out of 30, perfect 10 arrows and earned 1st place in the Middle School Boys division, in which 2625 archers participated.  Webb was ranked 4th overall male in the Nationals Tournament.

Chantry Blake, son of Brenda Blake of Mena and Buddy and wife, Jimmy of Aztec, New Mexico, scored a 295 out of 300.  Blake also had 26 out of 30 perfect 10 arrows and earned 5th in the High School Boys division out of 2277 archers.  Blake was ranked 7th overall in the Nationals Tournament.

Other Acorn Archery Members that participated in the Nationals tournament were (in order of highest score). Jacob Moore – 290; Bridgette Magness – 278; Tessa Kesterson – 277; Haley Richardson – 277; Catelyn Reynolds – 276; Matthew Nance – 268; Alden Maywald – 267; Jarrett Wilhite – 265; Cael Eros – 263; Teagan Beaty – 262; Nicholas Lyle – 261; Brandon Harvey – 260; Tyler Lyle – 243; John Collins – 238; Brittany Wilhite – 237; Megan Vaughn – 235; Abby Nance – 209.

Following their extraordinary performances in the Nationals Tournament, Brody Webb and Chantry Blake were invited to participate in the US NASP All-Star Team.  Blake and Webb are two of the 16-member team that will represent the United States in the NASP All Star Championship in South Africa, July 10-17, 2016.  The competition will be comprised of All-star teams from Canada, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.  “The Acorn Archery coaches, team members and Acorn School staff are honored and proud to have such outstanding individuals representing the Acorn School District and community,” said Coach Standridge.


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