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Adult Softball League Crowns Champion


Monday night, August 8th, teams from the Mena adult softball league competed on the diamond at McMillan Park to see who would be crowned Champions. The evening of play marked the final night of play for the 2017 season and the end of the eight week season.

99 Problems and Bad Company played the first game of the night in a double elimination tournament. 99 Problems lost the game and moved into the losers bracket. They played two games in the bracket before being eliminated. Scared Hitless played the first of their tournament games last week, but after losing their first game and then the game Monday evening, Scared Hitless was eliminated.

After playing several games, Bad Company squared off against Turn Two in the Championship. Bad Company turned in some timely play and pulled out a close game 14-13.

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  1. The score was 16/11 not 14/13

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