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Aguilar Conquers County Spelling Bee

Sixto Aguilar was pronounced the winner of the Polk County Spelling Bee on Tuesday, January 19th. The annual event was hosted by Acorn Schools and held at the Mena Performing Arts Center with students in 1st – 8th grades from Cossatot River, Mena, and Acorn participating in the countywide bee. First, second, and third place trophies were given out to each grade level.

Aguilar, an 8th grade student from Cossatot River High School, will move on to represent Polk County in state competition held in Little Rock later this year. The Bee included one student who participated in three grade levels, winning each one. Fifth grade student, Dusty Davis, of Mena, placed 1st in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grade levels.

Organizers were pleased with the event and extended their gratitude to Union Bank of Mena for sponsoring the annual event. Andy Philpot, of Mena High School, was The Pronouncer for the event that was judged by Celeste Ashcraft, of Mena, Tara Saddler, of Wickes, and Janice Williams, of Acorn.

Winners in each grade level are:

First Grade: 1st Place, Clint Hennings, Wickes; 2nd Place, Regan Larucci, Acorn; 3rd Place, Andrew Threlkeld, Mena.

Second Grade: 1st Place, Caleb Young, Acorn; 2nd Place, Aspen Johnson, Wickes; 3rd Place, Tye James, Mena.

Third Grade: 1st Place, Olivia Latham, Mena; 2nd Place, Elijah Smith, Cove; 3rd Place, Arayah Wharton, Acorn.

Fourth Grade: 1st Place, Mallory Farringer, Wickes; 2nd Place, Nichole Philpot, Acorn; 3rd Place, Kenzie Daniels, Acorn.

Fifth Grade: 1st Place, Dusty Davis, Mena; 2nd Place, Layla Sessler, Mena; 3rd Place, Christian Hoyle, Cove.

Sixth Grade: 1st Place, Dusty Davis, Mena; 2nd Place, Raeghan Weddle, Acorn; 3rd Place, Aryana Carter, Mena.

Seventh Grade: 1st Place, Dusty Davis, Mena; 2nd Place, Autumn Strother, Acorn; 3rd Place, Stephanie Lua, Mena.

Eighth Grade: 1st Place, Sixto Aguilar, Cossatot; 2nd Place, Chad Sutton, Acorn; 3rd Place, Hannah Willis, Mena.

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