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Anti-Procrastination Night Gives Students an Edge

The ominous “research paper” has always been one assignment many students dread.  This isn’t the typical essay – there is research that needs to be done, sources that need cited, and the final daunting task of compiling it into one concise paper, not to mention you have to find a topic to write about in the first place. Luckily, Rich Mountain Community College’s Anti-Procrastination Night offers one cohesive place for students to get help with all stages of writing their research paper.

The 2nd annual Anti-Procrastination Night was held Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at the Johnson Learning Commons with RMCC staff and faculty on site, ready to helps students.  Freshmen and sophomore college students attended the event and learned tips and techniques for academic research as well as receiving help with choosing a topic and writing a thesis statement.  Students also received one-on-one help with navigating the college’s databases in the computer lab.  This event has been beneficial to students and empowers them as they complete their biggest assignments.

For more information about Anti-Procrastination Evening contact Brenda Miner, Interim Director of Library Services, at 479-394-7622 ext.1370 or<>.

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