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Arkansas Voters to Decide if Entire State Goes Wet

Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment Makes 2014 General Election Ballot

(August 29, 2014) Little Rock, Ark. – Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin announces that the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment met the signature requirements of Article 5, Section 1 of the Arkansas Constitution. The constitutional amendment needed 78,133 valid signatures; the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment sponsors turned in 127,265. At this time, the proposed amendment has at least 87,102 valid signatures. There are still signatures being verified; please note the total number of valid signatures may increase.

The Secretary of State has certified the proposed amendment to the County Boards of Election Commissioners. It will be Issue No. 4 on the November 4, 2014 ballot.

Registered voters will decide on the proposed amendment that if approved, would legalize the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol statewide regardless of whether the county is “dry” or “wet.” The deadline to register to vote for the General Election is October 6, 2014.  For information on voter registration, go to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s webpage,




  1. This organization was given more time after the deadline to collect signatures. Why should people who live elsewhere in the State get to tell my County whether we want this or not? Alcohol is readily available close by and there is no need to force it upon the communities that do not want it sold there. Another attempt for the the bullies to intimidate. The Counties should decide, WHY NOT?

    • And why should you get to tell the rest of us how far we have to drive to buy a six-pack of beer? The ballot proposal allows adults to make their own decisions instead of deferring to your need to impose your will on others. Bullies? Look in the mirror.

      • I agree Michael. All sorts of opinions will come out of the woodwork on this one. It is past time for this outdated law to be repealed.

        • Whether it is time for this to be repealed or not is not the issue. The issue is whether we as a people want to decide for ourselves what we want in our own community. Do we want to relinquish our right to have the least amount of Government control or not? So, the whole State wants to tell us what we should do here? How about if the vote is for NO ALCOHOL in the wet counties? Would that be ok for the whole State to decide? Polk Counjty and the other dry counties had a vote of the peoplke in their communities. Those people decided they didn’t want alcohol sales. They had a choice at their level. So, how much control of your life aqre you williung to accept outside of your own town? How about your County? State? Maybe you think the Federal Government should control EVERY SINGLE THING WE DO. No need to VOTE!

  2. Other’s should not dictate whether our County is wet or dry, only those living here should have that choice……… A person can go to several restaurants or private clubs and drink to their hearts content……. We don’t liquor need stores in Mena…….. whether a person drinks or not…….. lets keep our town dry…….. clean……..
    However you feel about this………. VOTE…….

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