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Arming Our Children


Children’s brains are like little sponges that seem to take in every single word and visual around them. And, just when you think they are not paying attention, and let something “slip,” we are quickly and humbly reminded of how keenly aware they always are.

The brain’s retention at that age is remarkable. For me, it seems I can remember more from childhood than I can from yesterday! Experiences and principles learned at an early age are rooted deep within our souls, defining who we become and the choices that we will make. And what better content to fill those young, eager to learn, spongy brains than with the Living Word!  When you see it in action in their lives as they become older, it is such an incredible blessing.  When they are afraid and they begin repeating 1 Timothy 1:7 over and over, or when they feel overwhelmed and pray Philippians 4:13 for strength, or when they begin journaling and dreaming about their future spouse and include Jeremiah 29:11… there are no words for how it eases your mind as a parent to watch them apply God’s truths on their own in their daily lives.  When they come home broken hearted and confused and you find them on their bed with their Bible open… searching for the answer because they’ve come to know and trust that His Living Word replenishes our souls, our hearts and our minds (Hebrews 4:12), it gives parents such a reassuring peace. They never knew that verses they once memorized to earn jewels in their crowns that they so proudly pinned to their tiny vests would not return void… better yet, those verses will help to guide their decisions and actions to live the life of a believer ensuring that, someday, those same metaphoric jewels will return to adorn their promised heavenly crowns (James 1:12).

As a family, we have the awesome responsibility of choosing how to invest our children’s time absorbing and learning; arguably the greatest gift you can give your child is teaching memorization of the Living Word. It will literally never return void and will serve as their greatest tool in navigating life… for those times when you aren’t able to be with them… He and His Living Word will be.  (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

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  1. I suspect that you are teaching your children to use the book to learn how to achieve peace and the strength to be gentle. All too many “Christians”, though, use it only as a tool to inculcate guilt and fear. Until people like you crusade against this evil coming from within the church, you will continue to lose your credibility in the community.

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