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Art Gallery Juried Show Draws Steep Competition

Mena Art Gallery held a reception on Friday night and presented awards to the winners of the National Juried Competition that is now on display at the Gallery. Entries were received from across the country in the Gallery’s first national show.

The winners of the juried competition:

1st Place – James Brantley – “A Peeling” – $6,000

2nd Place – Lee Alban – “End of a Long Run” – $3,000

3rd Place – Carol Maltby – “The Straw Hat” – $1,000

Award of Excellence – Charles Rouse – “New York Yellows” – $100

Award of Excellence – John Bayalis – “Vacations End” – $100

Award of Excellence – Daniel Cassity – “New Sheriff in Town” – $100

Award of Excellence – Carla Bird – “Cooking Lesson” – $100

Award of Excellence – Christopher Walsh – “Tranquil Yard” – $100

Award of Excellence – Kimberly Beck – “Composed in the Shade of the Hawthorne” – $100

Award of Excellence – Aron Belka – “Market Woman” – $100

Award of Excellence – John Cole – “Restoration” – Plein Air Online Showcase

Award of Excellence – L. S. Eldridge – “Revolutions of Five” – Plein Air Magazine Award

Award of Excellence – Rance Jones – “Checking the Gears” – Art Collector’s Editor Award

A ribbon cutting ceremony was also recently held for the grand re-opening of the Mena Art Gallery after extensive renovations to the building. Members of the Mena/Polk County Chamber of Commerce were on hand to welcome the Gallery into their membership. Mena Art Gallery is located in the heart of the budding Arts District on Mena Street.


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