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Arvest “We Love Our Teacher” Contest Nominations

Cossatot River School District Teachers Reggie Fryar and Sandy Alexander were nominated for the Arvest, “We Love Our Teacher” contest. Both educators won $500.00 to spend in their classrooms. This is the fourth year that Arvest Bank has has given to Teachers to help in their classrooms. According to the Arvest website, “Arvest Bank will honor teachers by awarding 131 educators with a total of $65,500 in prize money. The decision to award 131 $500 gifts to individual teachers was made not only out of respect and appreciation for the work teachers do, but as a sign of support at a time when some schools continue to face budget challenges. All prizes will go to teachers who work at state-funded schools. “As a business that stresses commitment to the communities we serve, it is our pleasure here at Arvest to recognize some of the teachers who contribute so much to those same communities,” Arvest president and CEO Kevin Sabin said. “It has been exciting to watch our We Love Teachers campaign grow over the last several years, and we hope these awards show how much we value and appreciate the hard work our teachers put in every day.” Photos courtesy of CRSD

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