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I sunk my bare toes into the dirt. Ahhh… therapy. A busy life with a job full of deadlines and demands, two energetic teenagers and an even more energetic husband that all love to work hard and play hard, who would imagine that sinking my toes in fresh dirt would be so therapeutic? God knew.

My son and I have always dabbled with a few vegetable plants but this year, we did a full fledge big garden. Well, big for us. We’re not ready to feed the world, but we do like having our own fresh veggies. And boy, has the Lord blessed our efforts! Not just in very fruitful healthy plants, but in our time together and our time with Him.

It’s the little things that seem to bring me great joy and sinking my bare toes in that fresh dirt each day to see what pickin’s we will find is one of them. God tells us that He will provide everything we need, and I see that on a larger scale now. Yes, I’m enjoying the fruits of our labors but more importantly, I’m enjoying the time with my family in that garden. One by one, they each join me at different times and sometimes all together. Each of us looking and picking or pulling a weed and talking… talking about what’s on their sweet little minds or hearts. They share so openly in that setting… discussing their future, their dreams.  And, they’re learning, too… learning about God’s goodness. How to plant a teeny tiny lettuce seed and watch it grow into nutrition and sustenance. They may not use the skills on their own for another 30 years… but the knowledge is there and I hope precious memories of time with Mom.

And, then there are the rare moments that I’m in the garden alone… what wonderful chats God and I have. He filled my heart full, overwhelmingly, the other day when He reminded me that just like the talks from my children bring me such joy, my chats with Him bring Him that same joy. I think that’s one reason my time in the garden is so therapeutic. Some of my friends say I’m crazy to create more work… but it’s not work for me. It refills me and restores my soul. It grounds me. It keeps me rooted in what I know to be important and true. Remember, my friends, we don’t always have to be on our knees, or at the altar of a church, to have a little talk with Jesus. Like one of my most favorite old hymns, we all just need to have “a little talk with Jesus.”

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