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Badges take blood drive competition

Staff Report

This year 226 potential donors signed up for the Boots and Badges Blood Drive and 209 successful donations were made, which shattered last years 139 donations.

Badges narrowly hang on to bragging rights, with 114 donations to the Boots’ 112.

“This is the closest boots & badges competition we have seen in any of our Boots and Badges Blood Drives, and the largest in are area that includes Fort Smith, Russellville, Van Buren, Clarksville to name a few,” Danny Cerantes, Arkansas Blood Institute Recruitment Manager, said.

“Next year we will look at combining numbers to include the Hatfield community and try to schedule them either on the same day or right next to the Mena drive.  Just to start a little more trash talking, if we were to add Hatfield numbers this year the Fire Department would have come out on top,” Cerantes said.  “Thank you all for having fun with this and really getting the community behind the drive!”

Photos by Jeri Borst

Photos from left: Nelda Borders, foreground, makes a donation, while Antonia Chavaz collects a donation from Candy Schultz.

Anna Lara prepares Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer for his donation, as Tommy Alarid (background) makes a donation.

Mena Police Officer Steven Stout makes a donation with the assistance of Scott Brewer.

Damian Reed, 5, enjoys the “cool fire hat” while waiting on Le Shonda Reed to make a donation.

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