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Bearcats Scrimmage on Day Three


The Mena Bearcats held a limited contact intersquad scrimmage Saturday, August 6th at Bearcat Stadium.

Head Coach Tim Harper and his coaching staff put the Bearcats through various situations, working against live offense and defensive sets. The wide receivers worked on route running, while the linemen and running backs worked to pick up blocks and maintaining a pocket for the quarterback to be able to deliver accurate passes, or tuck the ball away and run through for positive yardage.

Harper explained that football is a game of precision blocking, route running and backfield footwork by the quarterback and running backs. Learning to set up blocks and read those blocks is a key to success. More than size, as important as that is, it’s about the desire to run every play in practice, or in a game like it is the last thing you’ll ever do. Football played with a passion will make players and teams great, or the lack of passion will make them satisfied with wearing the uniform and the game playing them.

Talented backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers are a bonus, though they usually are not enough. What happens in the trenches, more often than not, determines the success or failure of any football team at any level.

The 2016 Bearcats are working toward writing their story in the toughest conference in high school football. More division one players come from the 4A than all other school divisions in Arkansas put together. The Bearcats are well aware of the challenge that lies before them.

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