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Belknap Speaks to Cove History Club


The Cove Township History Club met at the Cove Library on Thursday, January 19, with Burt Belknap, one the Cove’s oldest citizens, serving as guest speaker. His speech covered many of the activities from the early 1920’s until the present days.

Burt lived in the town of what is called Old Cove, the first town established before the railroad came. He also spoke on the building of small communities that existed in the movement of people through the area where the Kansas City Railway was later built and Old Cove Township was moved to its present location.

About the community of Old Cove, Belknap spoke of the grocery store, drug store, and blacksmith shop along with the school and church that then existed. The first church burned and a small church was built that is now used as a family home.

The road built long ago, in the 1800’s, still exists behind Belknap’s present home. A two-story house still stands in the Old Cove Community that was built in 1896 by the Givens family.

The Cove Township invites each and everyone who has memories of the building of Old or New Cove to join them at the Cove Library each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.