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Beware Of Credit Card Scammers At Gas Pumps

Credit card skimming devices were recently found at a gas station in Russellville. The Russellville Police Department posted on its Facebook page that the devices were found inside the gas pumps and their investigation is on-going. Card skimming thieves often travel a region placing their skimming devices in various gas pumps making a circle to come back and gather the devices and download the card numbers of unsuspecting victims. Thieves are always using new technology to find ways to steal money from innocent consumers. You should always check the pumps before inserting your debit/credit card. Look for a seal and check the pump to see if it has been tampered with. If the face of the pump is loose or not fully locked into place, do not insert your card and notify the attendant immediately. Sometimes victims do not see fraudulent purchases for some time after the data has been taken because the thieves may sell the stolen card info to others. If you notice unfamiliar charges on your account contact your local financial institution to see what recourse may be taken.

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