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Big Fork Breaks State Record for Rainfall


Arkansas received a record rainfall year in 2015 and Polk County had three communities bust the record books wide open. Big Fork received the most amount of rainfall in the state with 101.05 inches falling from January 1 to December 31. This beat Big Fork’s previous record of 88.31 inches in 1973. This is also not the first time that Big Fork has broken records. On December 3, 1982, the small community broke the record for 24-hour precipitation receiving 14.06 inches of rain.

Abbott was second on the list with almost 98 inches of rainfall and Mena rounded out the top three with 90.12 inches, wiping out the previous record of 84.65 inches of rainfall recorded in 1990. To put it in a little better perspective, on average, Mena receives 56 inches of rain per year and almost 30 inches of 2015’s rainfall came in the last 45 days of the year.

Bogg Springs also broke records with 83.45 inches of rain and also on the list was the neighboring Montgomery County community, Pine Ridge, with 80.86 inches.


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