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Bikes Bring Christmas Cheer


Brandon and Bridgett Martin and a few anonymous donors have gotten together for the second year to bring Christmas happiness to some of Mena’s youth by way of bicycles. In total 31, bicycles and tricycles were purchased to be delivered by Santa’s helpers in blue – Mena Police Officers.

The Martins said that they run the concession stand at Tapley Park and used most of the proceeds each year giving back to the community. A couple of years ago, they thought of bicycles for Christmas and the success was apparent so they continued again this year.

Bridgett said the bicycles encourage outdoor activity and exercise. “I like to idea of promoting exercise. It promotes health and wellness and the bicycles give the kids an outlet for that.”

The bikes also give youth something to do. “Kids around town always need a bicycle,” said Brandon. “And they always love a new bike.” He was also pleased with the donors that helped this year, “we had one man go and buy six bicycles to donate,” he smiled.

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