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Boeing 727 Museum Plan Scrapped


When a Boeing 727 jet appeared alongside Hwy 8E in 2012, traffic on the usually speedy highway slowed but the talk and questions soared.  The jet, belonging to Hatfield native Troy Myers was planned to be a “museum” with an artistic flair but thanks to a continuous flow of trespassers, Myers has scrapped the plan.

Recently, the plane was disassembled.  Myers explained, “I always knew this would be a possible outcome. People can’t obey no trespassing signs so for liability reasons I chose to cut it up.”

jet-webWhat many didn’t realize was that Myers caught it all on camera. “Most of them were out of towners passing by with their ATVs. I know most of them just wanted selfies, but when they go to climbing on the plane, that’s a serious problem. I’ve got them all on camera. After the break-in last year where a lot of things were stolen, I got frustrated. I was out several thousand dollars.”

Myers’ company, Mile High Concepts, takes various aircraft parts and converts them to household fixtures. For example, Boeing 747 jet engine cowlings become beds or hot tubs. “I removed all the valuables and things that I can turn into aviation art,” Myers said.

Myers had hoped originally to host the public and school-aged children to explore the dynamic and ever-evolving field of aviation, his real passion. “I’ve had a lot of interest in the project from the FAA to people from all over the US. I know people are upset I cut it up especially my young boys, but it is what it is.  Several groups of kids got to tour the plane and I enjoyed watching them all smile.”

Everything else is being recycled Myers explained.  “I feel like I can do better with my time loaning out my jet engines that I’ve acquired to places like RMCC. Right now, they are in possession of a jet engine that came off the world record holder Concorde. The Concorde jet traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2. Gboad traveled from New York to London in 2 hours and 52 minutes. It will be moving soon to another location, but I wanted local aviation students to have a chance to see it. It is only 1 of 67 that were ever made. All others, but one, are in museums like the Smithsonian.  One guy in Britain like myself was able to get a hold of one.”

Myers’ dream of converting the “modern marvel” to an attraction has, unfortunately, been diverted.


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