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Boil Order Issued


Freedom Water Association, which supplies consumers in the areas of Highway 8 West and Highway 375 West in Mena, Shady Grove, Potter, etc., issued a boil order around 3 p.m. on Friday, January 5, 2018, effective immediately and until further notice.

Earlier on Friday, Freedom Water had issued a notice of low water pressure or no water at all for their consumers as they attempted to find a break in the lines. However, as the day progressed, a boil order was deemed imminent. Freedom Water continues their efforts to make the water safe and to make any necessary repairs.

For updates, check and tune in to KENA 104.1FM, where notifications will be released as soon as they are received.

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  1. Does Freedom purchase water from City of Mena?
    If so, does this event have anything to do with the City of Mena having a pump out of service?

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