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Bomb Threat and Fire Investigated in Mena on Saturday

(MENA)  A fire damaged portions of the Polk County Development Center’s Just For Kids Resale Center on Saturday morning.

The fire could have been much worse, if not for police crews already in the neighborhood for a bomb threat at the United States Post Office.

Around 3:40 am, the Mena Police Department received a bomb threat to the Mena Post Office at 400 South Morrow Street. After responding to the call, an officer noticed the PCDC resale store “Just For Kids” at 811 Eagle Gap was on fire and the front glass door had been shattered. The Mena Fire Department responded. It was discovered that the bomb threat and fire were related.

The investigation led to the arrest of a 25 year old male, Jacob Green of Texas. According to Mena Police officials, Green has no ties to the area.

Green, was arrested for arson, threat of a fire or bombing and commercial burglary after officers responded to a bomb threat and structure fire.

The Mena Fire Department, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the Fort Smith Fire Department Bomb Squad, the US Postal Service and the ATF are assisting the Mena Police Department with this ongoing investigation.

No bomb was found at the post office either. No report of how much damage was done at the resale center.

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  1. Notice what it says! This 25 yr old male .. from Texas .. came to Mena .. has no ties here .. and broke glass in the front window of a place that sells used children’s clothes. Sets fire to the place and calls the Mena PD and tells them there is a “bomb-threat” at the Post Office .. at 3:40 in the morning!!!

    It seems to me that this incident is connected to the others where someone went into a Walmart in south Texas and murdered several people.

    What in the world is he doing coming to Mena, AR where I live .. when he has “no ties” here!?!? Excuse me .. let me get my tinfoil hat!!!!

    In the old days we might get out the bull whip and teach this lost soul PUNK KID how to repent of his ways and learn some good manners!!!

    Look into his face .. and put words to what you see there!

    How many similar incidents have taken place at this time around the nation that has been mostly ignored .. as unconnected to a national coordinated attempt to disturb the peace and instigate an uprising??

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