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Boydstun Appointed to State Board of Cosmetology


Tonya Boydstun, Instructor at Rich Mountain Community College’s School of Cosmetology, has been honored with an appointment to the Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology’s Technical Advisory Committee. Boydstun will represent District 4 on the board whose purpose is to protect the public welfare by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing appropriate standards of competency and practice in the Cosmetology Profession. Boydstun’s term will run through 2017.

Boydstun’s dream of becoming a beautician came when she was just five years old and she has been in the beautician business for around 30 years.

After receiving her license at West Helena, Arkansas, she moved to Louisiana and Missouri before coming back to Arkansas where she met and married her husband, Morris. After their marriage, Morris was offered a job at RMCC and that is what brought them to Mena.

She opened her first salon, Friends & Co., in Mena but later sold it to spend more time with her rapidly growing children. With her children now grown, Tonya is more than happy with her place as Instructor at RMCC’s School of Cosmetology and looks forward to serving the state of Arkansas on the Advisory Committee.


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