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Brewer Launches Melanoma Awareness Prevention Program & Pageant

Amber Brewer was diagnosed with Melanoma at age twenty-two. She said it was shocking and scary, but Amber was always at peace with it. She said she knew everything would work out as God had planned because she knew he had plans for her that she didn’t even know about yet.

This is where The Melanoma Awareness and Prevention Program (M.A.P.P) came in. The Melanoma Awareness and Prevention program was created by Amber after thinking of the best way to spread the word about Melanoma to raise people’s awareness and hopefully prevent what Amber’s gone through. M.A.P.P is presented anywhere from school classrooms to community clubs/organizations. M.A.P.P also supports Relay for Life in finding a cure for ALL cancers.

The first annual Melanoma Awareness and Prevention Program Pageant will be held March 8, 2014 at The Crossing Center in Mena will all the proceeds going to Relay for Life. The 2014 Queens will help Amber promote M.A.P.P. and make various appearances throughout their year.

The entry fee is $35 and the deadline to enter is March 3. Registration is at 12 p.m. with the pageant following at 2 p.m. For more information, call 479-243-5083 or check out

Amber plans to use her experience with her Melanoma diagnosis to go out and make others aware of the dangers of using tanning beds; how to properly take precautions while out in the sun to protect their skin and hopefully avoid skin cancer; show people it’s okay to be fair skinned because that is how God made them; and educate people on their skin type so they know how vulnerable they are to the sun’s rays. She encourages everyone to “choose to own their skin’s natural glow.”


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