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Brion Dickerson – Serving for Cleaner Living


Brion Dickerson grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and moved to the coast of Southern California with his family around the age of 13.  After graduating high school he moved north to San Luis Obispo where he began working for American Airlines as a mechanic in 1989.

After working for American for 12 years, Dickerson and his wife, Annie, knew they wanted to move.  Though they wanted to stay in the aviation industry, they wanted out of California, so they moved from their home, which was located one block from the beach, to Arkansas, which is very near to the center of the United States.  “I enjoyed working for American but they were going through a transition and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go in that direction so we flew to Little Rock and a friend of mine told me about the large aviation industry in Mena so we flew in to see it.  It was very much a culture shock but it was a move we needed to make,” explained Dickerson.

The couple, who have been married for almost 20 years, have four children: William, who is fifteen, Joy and Sierra, who are eleven year old twins and Luke, who is seven.  “I think the key to a successful marriage is communication and laughter, we laugh a lot and have a good time.  Commitment is also so important.  There’s so much I love about being a dad.  I enjoy spending time with them and watching them grow up.  You know, its fun, seeing them come into their own and seeing them play practical jokes on each other, and fun stuff like that,” explained Dickerson.

Web-10-Minit-Lube-sizeAfter many years in the aviation industry, Dickerson was ready for a change and knew he wanted to provide a service to Polk County.  After several months of discussing their options they decided to move forward with a Quick Lube and opened 10-Minit Lube in 2011.  With four employees, the concept has caught on well in Polk County and they stay very busy.  “We provide basic automotive services: replace air filters, perform radiator flushes, and replace wiper blades, things that are basic and quick.  Our goal is to keep it simple, to do one thing and do it right,” explained Dickerson.

Dickerson is also passionate about aiding the United States in becoming less dependent on foreign oil.  He serves on the Board of The Arkansas Clean Cities and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission Energy Office.  Dickerson is also doing his part; two years ago he started a second business, Russell LP Gas, where he converts vehicles to alternative fuels.  “We convert vehicles to run on propane, they run clean and the cost of fuel is much cheaper and engines run longer.  For companies that travel a lot, especially ones that have a fleet of vehicles, the fuel savings can be very substantial.  The average business can save $5,000.00 a year on fuel costs,” Dickerson explained.  Because propane is 80% made in the United States, it is much easier to control pricing.  When you add the fifty cent per gallon Government rebate offered to propane users, they are saving around two dollars and fifty cents per gallon over gasoline users.

In addition to his clean air work, Dickerson and his wife also home school their children and are on the board of the local Hedge Home School Group and Dickerson serves Polk County as a board member for the Chamber of Commerce.  “We really enjoy the community atmosphere in Polk County.  It is a place where people still help people and we like that a lot,” said Dickerson.

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