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Bristow Announces Bid for Re-Election for Center Township Constable

[SUBMITTED]  “It has been a very rewarding experience serving the people of Mena and Center Township the last year,” Bristow said. “It has also been a time of learning for everyone concerned. Being the first certified constable to serve Center Township, everyone from myself, to the Prosecutor’s Office, to the personnel at the Polk County Courthouse had to determine my place in the law enforcement community which serves Mena and Center Township.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with many of the residents of Center Township in the last year and I look forward to many more years of service.” Bristow continued, “I made a pledge at the beginning of my term to enforce the laws of the State of Arkansas without prejudice or partiality, and I believe I have stayed with that pledge in every case. Being a certified constable gives me equal authority and jurisdiction with all agencies serving within the township, but it also allows me the discretion to deal with each case individually without the pressures of departmental policies and counterproductive political pressures found in many agencies throughout the law enforcement community. I have been blessed with a solid working relationship with both the Mena Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office whose officers have given constant support and encouragement. The support I have received from both Prosecutors offices has been a great encouragement. The staff at the courthouse has been very helpful and Judge Jerry Ryan has been an inspiration.”

“I ask the people of Center Township to cast their vote for me that I may continue to serve and protect them for another term, and allow me to continue to support the other agencies serving the township.”

Bristow said that he has created a website which provides residents of Polk County information about the Arkansas Constable, as well as a map showing the boundaries of Center Township so residents can know if they are living within the township. The website also offers residents the opportunity to view his certification and continued training through the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute. The website also offers other information citizens might find helpful.

The website address is;


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