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Bump Stock To Become Illegal In The U.S.

(BOISE, ID) – The Bump Stock – the attachment used by th ekiller during the 2017 Las Vegas shooting to make his weapons fire like machine guns – became illegal on Tuesday, March 26th, in the only major gun restriction imposed by the federal government in the past few years. A period that has seen massacres in places like Las Vegas, Thousand Oaks, California, Sutherland Springs, Texas, Orlando and Parkland, Florida.

Unlike with the decade – long assault weapons ban, the government is not allowing existing owners to keep their bump stocks. They must be destroyed or turned over to authorities.

In addition, the government is not offering any compensation for the devices either, which can cost hundreds of dollars in fines.

David Lunsford, an avid gun owner, who has a firing range on his Texas spread said that with the bump stock ban, he grudgingly decided to sell off his and let someone else figure out what to do with them.


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