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Burr Sentenced in Circuit Court


Alisha Burr, who pled “no contest” to Arson {5-38-301}, a Class A Felony, three counts of Aggravated Assault {5-13-204}, a Class D Felony, and Criminal Mischief in the First Degree {5-38-203a1}, a Class D Felony in June, was sentenced on Monday, August 18, by Polk County Circuit Court Judge J.W. Looney.  

The sentence imposed on Burr will be 10 years probation with more than 20 conditions including: refraining from the use of alcohol and not associating with convicted felons. Any violation to the conditions of probation can cause any part of the full sentence to be imposed. One of the felonies Burr was charged with carries a 30-year sentence.

Looney also ordered full restitution to be paid to the victims. Telina Dedmon is owed $25,000 in restitution, $10,000 of that will be paid upfront and the remaining $15,000 will be paid out in an unspecified time. Michael White, also a victim, was subpoenaed to appear but did not. Burr’s attorney, Ernie Witt stated that White is working out the amount owed to him with the defendant and her attorney.

In addition to probation and restitution, Burr will also be required to surrender herself to the Polk County Jail every Thursday at 5 p.m. and remain jailed until Sundays at 5 p.m., on the weekends her children are with their father for visitation, for the next 8 months.

Judge Looney stated that this was “not an easy case for the court.” He also stated that he wasn’t making excuses for Ms. Burr, but “I believe that Ms. Burr was in such a state of intoxication [on the night of the incident] that she probably didn’t even know what she was doing.” By sentencing Burr to jail each weekend, Looney also stated that he “would not give her the chance to party while her kids are with their father on weekends.”

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  1. She will not be able to abstain from alcohol. She drinks everyday. Oh, serious question tho, do they allow hair extentions and fake lashes in jail? Oh and diet pills. Just curious.

  2. In my opinion, arsonists should never be put on probation. This is an illness that will not go away. This county seems to attract these types. By putting them on probation the court has just slapped them on the wrist and said be good. It won’t happen. put them behind bars where the general public is at least a little safer.

  3. She drank while she had the kids, that won’t stop her from pawning them off on someone else. Fishy crap going on in this case but it’s Mena so not surprised. Helps to know the judge.

  4. I understand that she will have to work some to pay the restitution. I think she should spend every weekend in jail until her probation is over, in 10 years, and probation and restitution is paid. I could not believe the judge made the comment , she was probably so drunk that night she didnt know what she was doing. It doesnt matter because she still could have killed people. I will say the judge did more than i thought he would, but still dont think the punishment fits the crimes.

  5. It is easy to judge someone but remember there is only one judge that counts so anyone leaving ugly comments yall are not any better open that closet see what skeletons are in there cause your just as much a sinner as her she just got caught up in a bad divorce and she wasnt inky one there I believe rhere was 3 others Adam ,Paige

    • Ok alisha aka ‘sticks n stones’ … the crime do the time

    • She done what she won’t to do. And she needs to be lock up for life. She almost took the life of part of my family and did take the life of there dog .. if this was any of your family you all would thinking different she’s the one who better be thanking God she didn’t get life oh but she needed too. Like the go oh saying what goes around comes around carma will come back to her. And right now isn’t soon enough…. she almost took the life of a mother and a good mother not one like her and two kids. That are good kids not out running the street’s.. I’m sorry but this is so wrong and now they have the rest of there life knowing she got away with trying to kill them… and that’s what she wanted to do. I know her I’m not just talking off the wall. And I think the law just let her slide by.. I am a very upset AUNT / TIA…….

    • Everyone wants to put the blam on sinners that’s just a bunch of bull…. people do want they want to do… she hated her and that was her way to get her back for making her made. Although you don’t have to do anything to make her mad she is a sick mined person.. life is all about her and now she’s getting all the fame she wants. But we all know she has to answer to god for that and she can’t lie to get out of it.. I wish I was a fly on the wall that day LOL.

  6. While I may have some skeletons in my closet, I can rest assure I didn’t attempt to burn someone’s house down with them in it. So I don’t consider myself as much a sinner as she is. And how can you blame this behavior on a divorce, a divorce does not cause you to want to burn someones house and almost kill the person.

  7. If she does not lose her nursing license, every single person should write a letter to the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ARSBN website has the info), and make sure they know of her felony charges and her alcohol abuse. They can make her submit to alcohol and drug tests and will flag her license so employees will investigate her wrong doings before hiring this LPN who ‘alledgedly’ attempted murder. A dog died in the event people, a beloved family dog burned to death. If u kill a dog by not giving them water or food u get worse punishment than what this ‘nurse’ did.

    • Her license expires by the end of September. If it doesnt renew and expires, that means the board knows about her and wont give her the license she does NOT deserve. What a monster.


        Well everyone, this felon no longer has her hard earned nursing license. She never will ‘nurse’ again. Thank u Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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