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Camp Pioneer Pinewood Derby – A Scouting Tradition


The Cossatot District of the Boy Scouts of America held their District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, March 11th, at Camp Pioneer Boys Scout Camp. Cub Scouts from across the region, with the help of parents, build their own cars from wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles. The cars must meet criteria of weight and length of car, and it also must fit on the track provided.

At the Derby, scouts watch them zoom down the track hoping theirs crosses the finish line first – a national scout tradition that has been in place since 1953.

In the 2017 Camp Pioneer Pinewood Derby, Jaylon Boyles won 1st place, Noah Grubbs placed 2nd, and John Maturino placed 3rd. Best in Show was awarded to Travis Benefield.

Camp Pioneer Boy Scout Camp has been providing events such as the Pinewood Derby and teaching youth outdoor skills since 1916. As the Pulse’s history contributor, Jeff Olson, put it, “Camp Pioneer’s story is that of many thousands of people – boys, leaders, parents, volunteers, and others who experienced (and gave of themselves so that others might experience) the best that Scouting had to offer during summer camp and other outdoor gatherings and events. In turn, these boys and young men grew into adults who espoused and lived out Scouting’s core values and became the men, husbands, fathers, employees, and leaders who helped to make their communities, states, and nation a better place for their generation and for those yet unborn.”

And indeed, the comradery and skills created through the designing, building, and racing of their cars will last the scouts a lifetime and carry the tradition on to future generations.

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