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‘Caretakers’ Convicted on Multiple Counts of Forgery


A husband and wife were both sentenced in Polk County Circuit Court on Monday for charges of forgery. Micah and April Arnold were said to be ‘caretakers’ of the victim in the case.

April Arnold was convicted of three counts of Forgery in the Second Degree and sentenced to six years, with the first year to be served in the Arkansas Department of Corrections and the rest to be served under supervised probation. April Arnold’s case totaled $1,980 in forged checks.

Micah Arnold was convicted of one count of Theft of Property for ‘exercising unauthorized control’ of the debit card and checks of victim, David Porter, and sixteen counts of Forgery in the Second Degree. Micah Arnold’s case totaled more than $6,600 in forged checks. Micah Arnold could have faced 176 years in prison; however, Judge Ryan handed down a sentence of ten years in ADC.

Between Micah and April Arnold, the victim lost more than $14,600 in checks and debit card charges.


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