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Carstens Honored At State House of Representatives

(LITTLE ROCK)  Medal winner Krista Carstens of Mena, was honored on the floor of the Arkansas State House of Representatives, as a guest of State Representative John Maddox of Mena.

Carstens was there on Thursday to receive a Resolution congratulating Krista on her accomplishments at the World Special Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi.

Carstens stated “what an amazing day, we had lunch with Representative Maddox, toured the Capital Building, met lots of State officials, sat in the gallery during afternoon session, and of course the best part of the day, Representative Maddox’s speech honoring Krista. Thank You to everyone who made this day possible!!!”

On Friday, Mayor Seth F. Smith issued a Proclamation honoring Carstens with her own special day of recognition in the City of Mena.

Carstens acquired two bronze medals at the 2019 Special Olympic games for the United States. Carstens was the ONLY athlete from Arkansas that participated at the event.

Next Friday, the Area 14 Special Olympics will be holding its annual games at Mena High School, at the track and field area.

The public is encouraged to attend and support our athletes.

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