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Cast Selected for OLT’s Mary Poppins


The directors of Mary Poppins, the next OLT musical, have announced their cast following three days of auditions that included the budding talents of 65 actors and actresses. “The multitude of talent and enthusiasm displayed is a mixed blessing for those of us who are charged with deciding on who is cast in what role. There were truly two, three or more candidates that could have filled each of the limited number of roles available. As directors we are charged with presenting the most esthetically pleasing show and need to take many factors into account, not only acting, singing and dancing, but also things over which you have no control,” said directors.

Lana Coogan and Jerod McPherson will play Mary Poppins and Bert, two of the main characters. Brakiah Burk and Robby Burt have been cast as Jane and Michael, the two youngsters Poppins is charged with caring for. With the excellent cast of old and new players, the show is sure to be a hit.

The complete list of characters cast in the show are (in alphabetical character order): Admiral Boom – Larry Kropp; Bank Chairman – Tom McClanahan; Bank Clerks – Morgan Caldwell, Brithney Dilbert, Marvin Glenn, and Justin Richmond; Bert – Jerod McPherson; Customer and Sweeps Dance Team – Brandon Bartow, Jimmy Dilbert, Hanah McDonald, Zoe McPherson, Caroline Morgan, Kelsey Wiggins, and Gabriel Sims; Customer and Sweeps Dance Team & Neleus – Brynn Harvey; Customer and Sweeps Dance Team & Toy – April Burt; Customer and Sweeps Dance Team Leader – Abi McPherson; George Banks – Scott O’Rear; Jane Banks – Brakiah Burk; Katie Anna & Kite Flyer/Nannies/Moms group – Sherry Hughes; Kite Flyer/Nannies/Moms group – Miranda Burt, Anna Burt, Naomi Curry, Evette Harner, Gabriel Jackson, Linda G. Johnson, Kristie Kenyon, Mikel Kenyon-Ortiz, Jordyn Prewett, Elizabeth Richmond, Donna Sloan, and Winnie Smith; Marry Poppins – Lana Coogan; Michael Banks – Robby Burt; Miss Andrews and Bird Woman – Brandy Benner; Miss Lark – Jane Buttermilk; Mr. Northbrook – Chris Benner; Mrs. Brill – Renee Hendrix; Mrs. Corry – Gini Burt; Park Keeper – Bill Hays; Park Strollers – Patience Broach, Nick Fairless, Shylee Head, Mystrey James, Jocelyn Parsons, and Amanda Wiggins; Policeman – Ian Cameron; Queen Victoria – Ann Glenn; Robertson Ay – Daniel Green; State Crew – MaKayla Kenyon-Ortiz, Carol McClanahan, and Kate McDonald; Statue-Nymph – Blanca Carol; Statue-Nymph & Customer and Sweeps Dance Team – Alexandria Junghans and Isabela Junghans; Toys – Abigail Baker, Annalyse Baker, Madilyn Dees Quaker, Kiylee Hughes, Matt Lyle, Addyson Prewett, and Emily Ryan; Valentine & Bank Clerk – Brandon Purvis; Von Hussler – Roy Vail; Winifred Banks – Jennifer McPherson.

Rehearsals for Mary Poppins begin this week. Performance dates will be May 5 – 7 and May 11 – 13. For more information, go to or give them a call at 479-243-0186.

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