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LeAnn Dilbeck

August, 2014

  • 24 August

    God is in the Details

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Trust is such a complex word, encompassing so much, and it goes far beyond an emotion. It can provoke emotions but it itself is not an emotion. Defined as, “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something,” trust can make or break a relationship. How many of us often talk of ...

  • 17 August

    God on the Big Screen

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Our family has been so inspired in the upsurge of faith-based movies. It is so incredibly refreshing to see these inspirational movies on the big-screen instead of vampire/horror films filled with blood and gore. These films, regardless of whether they are ‘Hollywoodized’ entertainment versions loosely based on biblical stories or modern day stories with strong Christian ...

  • 10 August

    The True Purpose Behind Our Roles

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Don’t you just long for the days when you awoke and your feet hit the floor; the only thing that crossed your mind was getting cereal and watching cartoons? The word purpose had zero value to you at that time. Your only reason for being at that very point was to enjoy Fruit Loops while watching ...

  • 3 August

    Everyone is a Critic

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Criticism doesn’t feel good. It just doesn’t. It hurts and it may even make us mad. Everyone is a critic these days and with the convenience of the internet, it’s no longer left to the “professionals” who have a column in the weekly newspaper.  Everyone with an opinion is now an expert on any given subject ...

July, 2014

  • 27 July

    Live, Laugh, Love

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Whether it’s a giggle from something brutally honest spoken from a child’s mouth or to that big ol’ belly laugh that a good time with great friends can bring about… it’s truly healing to the soul. The health benefits of it are well documented, ranging from lowering blood pressure, increasing ...

  • 19 July

    Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

    Worry-wart… there it was. Such a sweet term of endearment I had just been labeled with? Worry is not a positive word. Wart certainly doesn’t conjure up anything pretty. And it was the word that so perfectly described myself, as a new mom, but certainly wasn’t a title I wanted to wear proudly. While for us women, our greatest worry ...

  • 12 July

    Looking Beyond the Offense

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Seems almost every broadcast of the news has at least one story that concerns one individual or group being offended by the actions of another. Some people make “statements” with the general motivation to offend the opposing view and then some people do it completely inadvertently, completely innocent and absent of any malice. And none of ...

  • 6 July

    Dents, Rips and Potholes

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Don’t you just love when you’re cruising down the great freeway of life, top down, wind in your hair, sun on your face, smooth sailing… and then you hit that unforeseen pothole that rattles your teeth, knocks your car out of alignment, causes you to swerve left and right trying to find that straight path, maybe ...

June, 2014

  • 29 June

    The Making of Family Quilts

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Together takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve been through broken.  For our family, having graciously been restored, our family time TOGETHER equals a joy unmatched by anything found in a store… or on Earth for that matter! Our family time is the source of strength and gives a renewal from all that life can ...

  • 22 June


    BY LEANN DILBECK – Waste, of any type, is something I was raised to detest… whether it was food, or maybe it was items that you no longer needed or wanted, it could have value or be needed by someone else. I know many share that same sentiment so why is it that we do not value our time in ...