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LeAnn Dilbeck

July, 2014

  • 19 July

    Worry Ends Where Faith Begins

    Worry-wart… there it was. Such a sweet term of endearment I had just been labeled with? Worry is not a positive word. Wart certainly doesn’t conjure up anything pretty. And it was the word that so perfectly described myself, as a new mom, but certainly wasn’t a title I wanted to wear proudly. While for us women, our greatest worry ...

  • 12 July

    Looking Beyond the Offense

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Seems almost every broadcast of the news has at least one story that concerns one individual or group being offended by the actions of another. Some people make “statements” with the general motivation to offend the opposing view and then some people do it completely inadvertently, completely innocent and absent of any malice. And none of ...

  • 6 July

    Dents, Rips and Potholes

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Don’t you just love when you’re cruising down the great freeway of life, top down, wind in your hair, sun on your face, smooth sailing… and then you hit that unforeseen pothole that rattles your teeth, knocks your car out of alignment, causes you to swerve left and right trying to find that straight path, maybe ...

June, 2014

  • 29 June

    The Making of Family Quilts

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Together takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve been through broken.  For our family, having graciously been restored, our family time TOGETHER equals a joy unmatched by anything found in a store… or on Earth for that matter! Our family time is the source of strength and gives a renewal from all that life can ...

  • 22 June


    BY LEANN DILBECK – Waste, of any type, is something I was raised to detest… whether it was food, or maybe it was items that you no longer needed or wanted, it could have value or be needed by someone else. I know many share that same sentiment so why is it that we do not value our time in ...

  • 15 June

    This one’s for you, Daddy!

    A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR – LEANN DILBECK There are “fathers” and then there are “daddies.” One is a term given to those who have biologically procreated.  The other is more of a title that is earned, not always by biology, but through a lot of love, respect, leadership, counseling, prayer, and yes, probably some sleepless nights as well. Just ...

May, 2014

  • 24 May

    Class of 2014

    BY LEANN DILBECK – It’s graduation time. High schools and colleges across the Nation are issuing a document that recipients have labored for, invested in and coveted. A document that fulfills a significant milestone and turns the page to another new exciting chapter in life…most with high expectations for success and happiness. Graduates are going to hear advice from parents, ...

  • 19 May

    The Comparison Trap

    BY LEANN DILBECK – It is clearly a female trap and starts very early and plagues even grown women. It diminishes the value of their unique traits. It will cause insecurities that will ultimately produce a feeling of inadequacy. It cultivates opportunities to create lifetime scars. It’s called the comparison trap. It seems to start at such a young age… ...

  • 10 May

    A Tribute to Momma

    BY LEANN DILBECK – When you’re a writer, writing is not a chore but an outlet… in good and bad times… a form of therapy to express yourself, so why is writing a tribute to my precious mother so completely overwhelming for me? Every attempt through the years has landed in the waste basket, not reflective of the tremendous influence ...

  • 4 May

    Protecting Innocence

    BY LEANN DILBECK – Parents of children can probably relate to wanting to wrap your toddler in bubble wrap and let them go, right? I mean, theoretically, we understand that they will never develop important motor skills if they are not allowed to roam and explore… but why does that have to come at the cost of bruised knees and ...