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July, 2013

  • 17 July

    House of Representatives Weekly Report

    By Representative Nate Bell There have been lots of questions, media reports, opinions and other discussion of Act 746 of 2013. As a sponsor of the bill, I’ve decided to share my point of view with those of you I represent. The new Act results from passage of HB1700. The bill passed the House 82-1 after passing the House Judiciary ...

June, 2013

  • 21 June

    Cotton Statement on the 2013 Farm Bill Vote

    Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) released the following statement regarding today’s vote on the Farm Bill: “I grew up on my family’s small farm in Yell County and still work on it today. I had hoped this bill would be good for Arkansas farmers and taxpayers, but it turned out badly for both.  President Obama’s failed policies have ...

  • 21 June

    State Capitol Week in Review

    From Senator Larry Teague June 21, 2013 LITTLE ROCK – Legislators plan to review the policies and actions of the state Department of Community Correction, which has jurisdiction over paroled inmates when they are released from prison. The importance of a thorough investigation into the parole system came to light when a Little Rock man was charged with murder, which ...

  • 21 June

    Death, Friendship, and Love

    By Michael Reisig Over 150,000 people die every day on this spinning ball of dirt and water, while most of us cruise along, oblivious to this fatal lottery, as we should. We’re only reminded of this game of chance when someone close to us draws a number. Death arrived at a friend of mine’s door this week – in all ...

  • 21 June

    China, America, Drugs, and War

    By Michael Reisig As each year passes, America becomes more and more dependent on China. Not only do they supply us the lion’s share of our commodities, from foodstuffs, toothpaste, tires, computers, and cell phones, but they own us financially as well, being one of the major purchasers of America’s debt. Because China’s relationship with America is such a “joined ...