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State Senator Larry Teague

March, 2014

  • 8 March

    Connecting Arkansas Program Makes Progress; Tourism Tax Brings Record Revenue

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – The largest highway construction program in state history got off to a good start when the Highway Commission opened bids for a $52.7 million project in northwest Arkansas. The project is the next phase in the Bella Vista bypass.  It will relieve congestion in that city and eventually become part of ...

February, 2014

  • 27 February

    Arkansas Lottery Commission Reduce Estimated Revenue for Current Year

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Lottery Commission has revised downward its revenue estimate for the current year, from $89.5 million to $82.8 million. Higher education officials are paying close attention to the negative trend because revenue from lottery tickets is the financial foundation for the popular Academic Challenge Scholarship Program.  If the decline continues, ...

  • 11 February

    Sales Tax Revenue Reports Shows Slow Growth

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – At the beginning of each month, the state Department of Finance and Administration releases a detailed report on how much tax revenue state government collected during the previous month. Legislators and state officials study the revenue report closely for a couple of reasons. It gives an up-to-date estimate on the status ...

  • 5 February

    Arkansas Students Make the Grade

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – A recent report by the Arkansas Higher Education Department indicates that incoming students are better prepared for college level courses than they were in the past several years. According to records compiled by the state-supported colleges and universities, 43.2 percent of students had to take remedial classes last year. That is ...

January, 2014

  • 29 January

    State’s Third Fiscal Session Set to Begin

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – In addition to approving budgets for state government operations next year, during the fiscal session the legislature will allocate unspent surplus funds that have built up in the state treasury over the previous year. Traditionally, surplus funds are spent on “one time” projects, while recurring expenses such as salaries and maintenance ...

  • 25 January

    Governor Proposes Balanced Budget

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – During legislative budget hearings in preparation for the 2014 fiscal session, the governor presented a balanced budget proposal for next year that projects more than $5 billion in general revenue spending. The proposed budget calls for an increase in spending next year of $105.8 million. Public schools would receive an additional ...

  • 17 January

    School Districts Receive Extra Funds for Low-Income Students

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – State education funding in Arkansas is based on enrollment, with local school districts receiving extra money for each pupil in attendance from a low-income family. The legislature established the bonus funding for poor students during the 2003-2004 special session that was devoted almost entirely to improving Arkansas public schools.  That special ...

  • 6 January

    New Tax Cuts Take Effect for Arkansas

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – A package of tax cuts took effect at the new year that over time will save Arkansas more than $161 million a year. The major tax reductions are Act 1459 to reduce state income tax rates, Act 1488 to lower state taxes on capital gains and Act 1411 to reduce the ...

December, 2013

  • 30 December

    AEDC Announces New Industries Coming to Arkansas

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Economic Development Commission is a relatively small state agency whose work has a big impact. The AEDC employs 90 people who recruit new industries to Arkansas and who work with existing industries to encourage them to expand their operations.  The entire community gets excited about announcements of new industries ...

  • 16 December

    Bringing Broadband to Rural Schools

    BY STATE SENATOR LARRY TEAGUE – LITTLE ROCK – Providing greater broadband capabilities to public schools in rural areas is an ongoing project for state policy makers.  Last week, a panel of civic leaders, educators and public officials completed a study and sent it to the governor with their recommendations for efficiently bringing enhanced broadband to rural schools. The policy ...